Minted holiday cards

This is a sponsored post: in exchange for writing it, I am receiving a credit towards my holiday card order.

I love holiday cards. Love sending them, love getting them. (Side note: I love kids, of course, but I also really love my adult friends. Cards that feature the whole family stay up allll year on our bulletin board. Yay for parents in the picture!) Picking our holiday cards is one of my favorite parts of gearing up for the holidays. Last year, after hearing many good things about the company (and without any sponsor relationship whatsoever) I ordered our holiday cards from Minted:

I may be biased, but I think they turned out great, and I was thinking I would order from Minted again this year- so when I got the chance to receive a credit towards my holiday card order by writing about them, I jumped at it.

Minted has hundreds of holiday cards, including many, many choices in my preferred format: flat card with one main picture on front and a couple bonus pictures on back. I particularly like that many of the designs allow you to choose your preferred greeting (“Merry Christmas,” “Happy Holidays,” or “Happy New Year.”) They also have a cool option where you can preview all the cards at once using your chosen photo- saving time by allowing you to eliminate right off the bat those designs that just won’t work with your picture.

I found at least a half dozen designs that I liked, but I think I have narrowed it down to one. Since we have exactly one (1) decent photo with all four of us in it, I’m saving that for the actual card and won’t spoil it here (though I will say that we were not planning on taking our holiday card picture that day, and as a result Poppy is wearing a truly spectacular mismatched outfit.) As a consolation prize, I offer you instead an outtake from the impromptu photo shoot I did this afternoon with the kids wearing the fancy outfits my godmother bought them:


Come on. Baby in a tiny sweater teetering precariously into the lap of toddler in a ridiculous floppy bow. Is there anything cuter? I think not.

2 Responses to Minted holiday cards

  1. NGS says:

    YES!! I dislike photocards with just the children. I mean, kids are okay, but I was friends with the adults first, right?